The Shining Path

The Shining Path is a philosophy and warrior code known (with some variation) across all of Feryngia and perhaps the Moriavari Archipelago and other areas of Fomorti as well. It is also known as the Way of Sekeriah, Greatest of Fifty and other names, though The Shining Path is the most common.

Its practitioners hold that it is not only the emulation of the way of Sekeriah and a varying few others of the First Generation but is in fact directly descended from the teachings of this great hero himself. As with nearly anything from the Age of Legend, actual evidence for its origins is scant though. It is attested to at its earliest in 2A 604 when King Isorth the Gallant of Sythmyr is recorded to have told his knights and captains, “A warrior walks The Shining Path or wallows in the filth and lowness of the swamps. There is no other.”

The Shining Path is held up as the ideal to which nobles or true warriors or even all people ought to aspire to. Those who embrace it seek to be courageous, skilled, and honorable in warfare and dutiful, just, and wise in governance. Loyalty, mercy, honesty, generousity, gentleness, humility, altruism, protection of the weak, piety in reverence of the great heroes of the First Generations and many others things may be included as well depending on the version and time period.

The actual prevalance of the Shining Path among the warrior and ruling classes of the world has varied greatly in reality as well as historical imagination over time. In the present era nearly every aristocrat at least pays it lip service, but as always most find pragmatic and selfish rule much easier to maintain.

The myriad churches of the world have long been among the strongest advocates of following The Shining Path among the nobility, most regard any disrespect toward it as direct criticism of Sekeriah and the First Generations and Heresy.

The Shining Path

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