The Religions of Feryngia

Feryngia is a land of great piety and religiousity dotted with many churches and temples, but it does not have a single ruling religious body or anything like one. There are scores and scores of different more or less mutually accepting faiths each without much political power, not including all the various heretical sects.
There is a sort of prevailing consensus view often called Fundin or “the right” accepted with some variations by most people, its major tenets might be summarized as follows:
1) In an era gone by the world was populated by people far superior to the modern humans of the Fourth Generation who came originally from another world called the Old Place. Only through the heroic actions and courage of these forerunners was Fomorti made tame enough that weaker people could live on it. These ancestors who made life as we know it possible are dead and gone and cannot intercede in the mortal world, however their sacrifices and lifetimes of backbreaking work deserve eternal gratitude and thanks and veneration and they themselves should be emulated however possible.
2) The so-called “Gods” of the world were created from the early thoughts and superstititions of the First Generations trying to understand the strange world around them. Many of them were eventually destroyed by great heroes. They may be beings of great power, but they were created by people and are less than people and so should not be worshipped.
3) The First Generations and particularly the prominent among them such as Sekeriah and Henrekta and Hreijibor and Ornlu were special by nature and by great virtues, there will never again be people such as them.
4) Magic is a gift of Sekeriah and perhaps others of the First Generation who wrested it from gods like Grimholt. Like countless others of their inventions and achievements and tools it should be used, but used responsibly.
5) Aegir is the essence of life and should be treated with reverence, not sought after greedily or wasted.
6) The weapons and armors and personal tools as well as blood or bone or other Objects of the First Generation should be treated with respect and stored and properly cared for, they are not for the use of ordinary people.
7) Feryngia is a holy land for somewhere upon it the first humans entered the world. Which particular countries are most holy varies of course.

Within Fundin though are a vast number of different cults. Nearly every prominent figure of the First Generation has at least one personal following across the continent filled by devotees with particular reverence for them (hunters often are numbered among the Trackers of Ornlu, for example). Sekeriah has no less than a half-dozen major cults devoted to him. In general, these groups are friendly toward one another and not exclusionary so one might be a member of quite a few of them. Some do look more kindly upon those devoted enough to join only one though.

Outside Fundin and its constituent cults there are of course countless heresies. Of particular note is worship of gods and lesser Spirits generally called Azrah or “Ingratitude”. In practice this varies widely by which divinities in particular are being venerated, but its practitioners are known to have strange powers and are loathed by most who subscribe to Fundin.

In general, religion is not a very political force in Feryngia because Fundin is both so nebulous and so nearly universal. Any religious strife besides the normal shunning of heretics or barfights between zealots generally takes place on the local level as different cults vie for attention and money and membership with their neighbors. As a rule this tends to be peaceful competition.

The Religions of Feryngia

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