Staves are otherwise ordinary wooden rods which have been imbued with Aegir in such a way that it can only be used for one intended purpose. Other objects could be and are used, but staves are common because they are portable and have mundane uses and because they have simply become recognizable.
Sizable numbers of staves meant for healing (and occasionally some others) are made by the various churches of Fundin and sold to bring in both money and converts impressed by their beneficence. Wandering clerics of Fundin often carry them and are trained in their use.

A list of common staves and their properties:

Name Weapon Rank to Use Range Uses Price Effect
Heal E 1 30 600 Heal by Mag +10, gain XP = 2x HP healed
Poison E Mag/2 3 300 Poisons enemy, gain XP = 20
Mend D 1 20 1000 Heal by Mag +20, gain XP = 2x HP healed
Torch D Mag/2 10 1000 Gain vision to range around self, gain XP = 30
Unlock D Mag/2 10 1500 Opens doors at range, gain XP = 30
Recover C 1 15 2200 Heal fully, gain XP = 2x HP healed
Restore C 1 10 2000 Remove statuses, gain XP = 40
Hammerne C 1 3 1800 Restore a damaged item to full uses, gain XP = 40
Barrier C 1 15 2200 Confers Barrier status on an ally, gain XP = 30
Physic B Mag/2 15 3500 Heal by 10 + Mag, gain XP = 2x HP healed
Sleep B Mag/2 3 1500 Sleeps enemy, gain XP = 40
Berserk B Mag/2 3 1800 Berserks enemy, gain XP = 40
Rescue B Mag/2 3 1800 Moves ally to adjacent square, gain XP = 40
Fortify A Mag/2 8 8000 Heals all in range by 10 + Mag, gain XP = 2x HP healed
Warp A Mag/2 3 4500 Moves adjacent ally to target square, gain XP = 40

Tales of legendary staves are less common than those of more dramatic implements, but a few famous ones that may or may not exist include Smite, Vigilance, and Skaihalth’s Smile.


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