Once common throughout Feryngia, slavery and similar serfdom are now in decline and outright outlawed in many places. Perhaps the biggest factor leading to this change is the very force that spread it in the first place: the Savlan Empire.

Many previous societies had kept slaves, some justifying it by claiming that the First Generations had enslaved many of generations later than themselves. Though it wasn’t then, this claim is now vehemently rejected by mainstream Fundin, which counters that this was actually a voluntary relationship of protection and leadership met with gratitude and occasional gifts. In any case, the Savlan Empire took the institution to an extreme never before seen. Their slaves were treated entire as property or animals without even the most basic of rights, and their children in turn were always slaves. Moreover, every conquered people were enslaved nearly entirely so that at the height of the empire about 80%-90% of their population consisted of serfs and slaves ruled over by knights and other wealthy people with a very small middle class of sorts making up the rest.

The system enriched the lucky few who had been the conquerors but was terrible for the rest. On the fringes of the empire, many lands declared themselves against slavery to rally their people and stir up thoughts of independence in the nearby empire. When the empire itself began to disintegrate, starting with Peruvia, slavery was immediately banned in all its former stats that could manage it.

Even the Frysolythian Empire, till then a slaveholding nation, abolished the practice in many parts of the country so as to win more support from anti- Savaritanian forces.

Nowadays slavery persists only in Savaritania, which maintains them defiantly against the hatred of all its neighbors and the unrest it causes, and in countries that were never really exposed to the Savlan Empire: the Northern Principalities, Seforibar, Serpenvir, Yalvia, Kimaga, etc.


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