Second Generation

The second group of humans to emerge from the Old Place according to some. Others assert they are merely the descendants of the First Generation. Still others say some of both is true. In any case, they were inferior in all ways to their predecessors.

History: Although it is not at all certain since even the concept of definitively measuring time, yet alone an agreed upon system for it, was not developed till later, the conventional estimate of the arrival of the Second Generation is 1A 200. Although the First Generation had already done much to tame it, Fomorti was still a very dangerous place. The Second Generation were not ready to cope with it and so in their infinite benevolence, many of the First Generation took in scores or hundreds of them as followers. Some heretics claim that this was actually the world’s first example of Slavery and that therefore the modern institution has the sanction of the First Generation; however, this is deemed completely untrue and flagrantly a self-serving attempt to justify the unjustifiable by most historians and followers of Fundin. They hold that it was rather a relationship more like parent and child, with the man or woman of the First Generation providing food, shelter, knowledge, leadership, protection, and all the basic requirements of life and the dependents offering what they could to help.

With many major problems already solved and the First Generation still heroically still dispensing with any major threat to their charges, the much more numerous Second Generation were free to spread and settle down and build the first towns and farming communities and eventually civilizations. On great ships the like of which are no longer built they spread from Feryngia to the other continents of Fomorti. Other great accomplishments of this period include further development of Magic for practical use, creation of a full and shared language, writing, formal logic and mathematics, art, and systems for measuring and dividing time.

After many hundred years of living and growing together while some of the older First Generation died off, a noticeable downward trend in the abilities of everyone being born became apparent to all. No one knew what could be done to stop it or what caused it, but the Third Generation was being born. Since this was a steady change, a date has been somewhat arbitrarily imposed after which all those born are deemed to be members of the Third Generation: 2A 800.

The Second Generation sometimes took on the roles the First Generation had before them, though due to their much longer lifespan there were still some Firsts around as the Seconds were beginning to die out.

Religion: While they are nowhere near as prominent as the First Generation, let alone the true greats from it like Sekeriah or Henrekta, veneration of a few Second Generation figures is common. There are a much wider number to choose from however, so this further decreases the attention paid by historians and theologians to the accomplishments of any one of them. Ashkantir, a companion of Sekeriah, is quite unique in that he has several large Cults devoted to him, the Myrmidons and Slaves of the Sword concentrated in Seforibar among them.

Notable Figures: Oddly, it is much more difficult to single out a few great heroes from this generation than the last OR the next. The First Generation were very few in number and those who survived the initial harrowing often became legends in their own time for the centuries of mighty deeds they did with help from no one. On the other hand, the Third Generation were so numerous and so many of their accomplishments were achieved jointly that the few like Eekanu who really changed things on their own and are remembered stand out noticeably. The Second Generation were in between though, there were a great many and most of them probably were partially responsible for a few feats far beyond the skills of modern men and women. Thus they are neither all so noteworthy that even the least of them is awe-inspiring or so bland that the few who are not really stand out. On the other hand, many more children are named after figures from the Second Generation than the others, perhaps because a name like ‘Sekeriah’ would be incredibly presumptuous but one like ‘Eekanu’ would be digging too deep to find the names of impressive people. Very often each different cult of a First Generation figure will also venerate some Second Generationers associated with him or her or with something the primary figure did or invented but of course each is focusing on different such groups. Of course, the followers of the great Sekeriah are paid more attention than most. His was a very large and shifting retinue, but it included some more or less permanent faces. Of those, the ones who are remembered are:

Ashkantir: believed by some to have been perhaps the most technically skillful (though of course not the best) swordfighter of all time. He is suspected to be one of the oldest of the Second Generation (and a few of his more fanatical and heretical followers claim he may have been the youngest of the First). It is considered the chief mark of his accomplishment that Sekeriah apparently sparred with him fairly frequently. To even be entertaining to such a hero would have taken both tremendous talent and constant work to get better.

Henrekta: by all accounts a mild and kindly man not known for monsters slain so much as his great achievements in inventing whole scholarly disciplines and all sorts of things that made life easier- like drinking water. Most prominently though, he was the first man in the world to learn how to use Magic in 1A 120, teaching others soon after. How he died is unknown, but he is said to have made the Tome Abolish sometime in the 1A 900s as a final gift to humankind. The present rulers of Seforibar claim him as an ancestor.

Tollidarius (Ancient): said to have been the greatest master of magic of his era, after the death of Henrekta of course. Obviously with so much more Aegir to throw around making Pure Magic, the better of the First Generation could outdo him, but similar to Ashkantir it is his skill rather than his raw power which is considered impressive. He is said to have mastered all 3 of the less strains of magic Sekeriah gifted to lesser folk: Dark, anima, and Light and wrote a vast number of treatises on the use of all 3. The few of these that survived are still required reading for most aspiring mages and tomes detailing how to use the spells he made (such as the remarkable Flux which is almost simple and safe to use despite being a Dark Magic spell) have not ceased to be popular. His name is one of the most common among male children in much of Feryngia and the House of Ivla notably has never in recorded history NOT had a man named Tollidarius for a leader. Wild rumors claim they may in fact be descended from the original, but this is unsubstantiated like most rumors.

Grylock: always called ‘The Strong’ he seems to be known for little else. To live in the shadow of Sekeriah but still be called strong is an awe-inspiring achievement however.

These three were reputedly present when Sekeriah died and did much to spread and encourage his worship.

Second Generation

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