Pegasi are flying quadrupeds described by most laymen as looking like horses with wings. However to experienced equestrians and military strategists of all sorts, the differences are far more pronounced. Pegasi tend to be markedly smaller and of much lighter build than any domesticated horse and even most pre-domesticated ones in order to be able to fly at all. Pegasus riders therefore need to be much smaller and lighter and less heavily armored than ordinary horsemen and for this reason there are often many more women among pegasus riders than other military units.

Much like horses they are naturally skittish and much be trained nearly from birth to be brave enough to be used in combat. This is a marked disadvantage compared to Wyverns which are nearly fearless. Compared to these other common flying mounts, pegasi are generally regarded as inferior overall. They are smarter and more maneuverable and much cheaper to maintain because they can be fed on the same diet as a horse in general and additionally are more adaptable to different climates and less vulnerable to magic. However, wyverns are ferocious and deadly beasts in combat, have steely hides that can sometimes even turn arrows, are still very swift, can bear a much stronger and better armored rider, and reproduce much more quickly. Thus countries that can afford to choose between them and have a warm enough climate generally use wyverns to be the bulk of their air forces.

The Koran Free Cities, lacking the resources to field massive numbers of wyverns, has embraced pegasi as a more cost-effective alternative when coupled with archers trained to defeat wyverns in particular. Their main pegasus group are called the Iron Wing. The League of Akaldin is of similar importance to Yeoria and in general the Northwestern Nations make more use of pegasi than warmer parts of the country.

Before nearly all of them were caught and tamed and domesticated, pegasi could be found ranging more or less everwhere wild horses did. Ornlu may have trained the first ones.


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