Moriavari Archipelago

The Moriavari Archipelago is a very large chain of islands so the south of Feryngia. Some consider it a part of Feryngia, but the consensus of most geologists and natural historians is that it should be considered a small continent of Fomorti in its own right.

The archipelago is about 300 miles from the southern coasts of Migratoria and Kimaga at its closest point. Its cultures have had considerable impact on those of Feryngia from Kimaga to Serpenvir.

The archipelago actually houses two major nations occupying its two very large islands, Hitialga and Moriavari. Counting the nearby islands each of these countries lays claim to, they are both larger than most countries in Feryngia.

The inhabitants of the archipelago tend to rely more on maritime pursuits than farming for their livelihood, so much of its interior is undeveloped. Many of the islands are volcanic and mountainous, but also support healthy woodlands and even jungles further south, nourished by heavy rains and good soil.

Moriavari Archipelago

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