Knights of the Rising Sun

The most elite and dangerous military unit in the world, created in the 2A 2200s based on earlier knightly orders and on their excellent heavy cavalry.

Since time immemorial, Peruvia has been the breeding ground of some of the world’s greatest horses. With its broad and fertile plains but early lack of any means or need to raise Pegasi, Wyverns, or Rukhs the peaceful people raised ever larger and faster and stronger steeds. When they were invaded by the Savlan Empire in the Great Humiliation and eventually began a long struggle for freedom and security against their many hostile neighbors they began breeding for military horses in particular. The result has been the destrier, a horse so prized that it can command the same price as a pegasus and little less than a wyvern. Unlike all but the strongest of the latter, they can easily and quickly bear riders in the heaviest of armor while wearing thick barding themselves. They are in short the ultimate warhorse and so with their intense focus on a strong military, Peruvia has long had the ultimate cavalry.

The need to form an ever-better corps of cavaliers came to a head after the loss of the Second Peruvian-Snorivian War and the resurgence of the so-called ‘Immortal Savlan Empire’ to the south taught the Peruvians that their greatest battles would not be fought on the far side of the Tupavar Mountains (crossing which horses were nearly useless for). While their Light Scouts were a formidable fighting force in themselves and well-trained to deal with either the Black Dragons or Masked Riders and their wyverns, they stood little chance against the coordinated, varied infantry tactics of the Immortals of Savaritania and could be overwhelmed by the fierce warriors of the Northern Principalities. The Peruvians needed a tightly organized, utterly loyal, fast, and nigh-invincible band of knightly cavalry to lead their forces in battle and win through against any foe anywhere.

Satran Sieran the Swift of Peruvia therefore selected the best 5% of the existing cavalry groups and of his knights of an equestrian persuasion. Putting them through intense training and making sure they either perished or lived to gain much of the Aegir of their enemies, he was left with less than a hundred extremely skilled veterans already sowing fear among the enemy ranks in those numbers. He then set them as the standard and promised inclusion in their ranks, immediate promotion to knighthood, land, wealth, power, and eternal glory to anyone who could match or exceed them.

The result has been a slow, controlled, but steady growth both in numbers and in skill of this force. They were instrumental in Satran Pirhan the Great’s lightning fast invasion and ‘liberation’ of what is now Mgarmir in the Third Peruvian-Snorivian War, they finally proved their dominance over the Immortals by besting a larger force of them in the Second Peruvian-Savaritanian War, and their reputation alone has defended Peruvia and its client states of Mgarmir and the Koran Free Cities from many attacks. In the present day they are not far under 1000 in number and many of the most athletic and brave of Peruvia’s children are taken by the age of 7 to be trained all their youths to become members if they comport themselves well in their first 5 battles and are not rejected somewhere during the training process.
The Knights of the Rising Sun have a reputation not only for ferocity and matchless skill but also for steadfastly upholding the many virtues of The Shining Path and so are idolized not just by the rest of the population but also by foreigners who also adhere to this ideal, such as Prince Rinvolin of Yeoria.
Their current commander is a bit unclear as Peruvia may be shuffling the structure of its armed forces with the addition of the dark horse Red-Ribbon Knight very recently.

Knights of the Rising Sun

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