Followers of the enormous religion of Fundin often deem some who claim to be among their number heretics. The definition is far from universal because there is no central church of Fundin of any sort to set one down, but most followers of Fundin would agree that anyone who rejects one or more of the 7 central tenets is a heretic. Now and then a whole cult of Fundin is decided by many others to be heretical because of one or more of its beliefs; the accusation often causes some serious rethinking on their part.

Heresy is rarely legally prosecuted in any way, though more zealous rulers may look down upon them and their neighbors may ostracize them. Some heresies, such as that of the Slaves of the Sword have become quite locally successful.

Generally Azrah is defined not as heresy but as another religion altogether, though the borderline can be blurry at times.

Heresy is often categorized by which tenets are being rejected, each often being named after some famous heretic who believed that in the past. Some examples follow:

  • The Sirvaltian Heresy rejects part of tenet 1 by claiming that if prayed to properly the spirits of the First Generations can and will intervene in mortal affairs.
  • The Yahltian Heresy rejects tenet 2 by claiming the Gods are older- though still less important – than the First Generation or that they have an origin other than people of the First Generations believing in them to explain natural phenomena. To go further and instead claim they are more important in some way is usually Azrah.
  • The Girillian Heresy is considered particularly contemptible, it holds in contrast to tenet 3 that the First Generations are fundamentally different from the Fourth Generation only in that they had much, much more Aegir. This seems to imply that they were not particularly heroic and special and is said by most scholars to be a ludicrous theory as no one can possibly maintain enough Aegir to do the feats they are known to have done through it alone.
  • The Zealot’s Heresy is the opposition of Dark Magic or equating of it with Profane Magic, which violates tenet 4.
  • The Siegrin Heresy disregards tenet 3 with their claim that people like the First Generations will come again some day. The Slaves of the Sword cult in Seforibar are often said to subscribe to this heresy.


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