The meaning and origin of the word are unknown, but the Harjakt is a secret society and possible spy network rumored to exist in Yeoria among the peasants of that land and portrayed as vile, valiant, or anything in between by folktales and legend. While wilder theories (such as that they are an elite and secretive cult of Sekeriah or some other, perhaps even heretical figure) abound, the most common version has it that they are a royalist order of spies, wealthy men, soldiers, and others who covertly back and assist the kings of Yeoria. Their existence is not only officially denied, but also believed unlikely by historians and the spy networks of other nations so if they do exist they are extraordinarily discreet.

Rumors and stories and folk gossip about them are untrustworthy and often contradictory, but here are some common ones in no particular order:

  • The Harjakt believe King Dinmerfin of Yeoria to be descended from Sekeriah (heresy, for Sekeriah is said to have had no children) and this is why they serve the line of kings so faithfully.
  • The Harjakt date back to the closing days of the First Age, thousands of years before the founding of Yeoria.
  • The Harjakt are practitioners of Hadran operating cooperatively in secrecy.
  • All the closest advisors of the monarchs of Yeoria are members of the Harjakt.
  • Duke Gardnelle is a member of the Harjakt
  • The rebellious dukes of the Yeorian Succession Crisis of 2A 3214 are members of the Harjakt who know Prince Rinvolin of Yeoria is illegitimate and so refuse to serve him.
  • The Harjakt are practitioners of Azrah
  • The Harjakt have their origins in the close followers of King Dinmerfin of Yeoria, through the centuries they have helped hold his country together and watched over his descendents
  • The Harjakt control Prince Rinvolin of Yeoria and controlled his ancestors as well to further their own sinister purposes.
  • Tollidarius XIII of Ivla and all his family have been leaders of the Harjakt.
  • The Harjakt poisoned King Treferdin of Yeoria to put Prince Rinvolin on the throne. They also murdered his little sister, Princess Mruria of Yeoria years ago.

Obviously none of this could be true.


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