According to practitioners of Fundin, most widespread of The Religions of Feryngia, the so-called “Gods” of Fomorti are the creations of humans. Spirits are likewise but lesser. When the First Generations walked the earth, there was much they did not yet know and so they imagined purpose and consciousness behind many natural phenomena. Because the First Generation in particular were so great in spirit and Aegir their imaginings were enough to actually create the beings that had not formerly been real! Thus some great man of the First Generations pondering a thunderstorm and deciding the bolts must be manufactured and guided by some higher power brought Airku into being and Grimholt was born from primal fear that something menacing lurked in the darkness. These strange beings were often powerful in Magic, for so they had been imagined to be and they gained strength from belief and worship, but could certainly not have been given more Aegir than their creators had. Thus they were weaker than the great heroes of the First Generation and so many were eventually slain by towering warriors like Sekeriah when they learned the truth of the situation. Many are the tales in which a hero hunts and kills a god like a beast so that its sphere will once again be properly in the control of humans. Sekeriah was on such a quest when he perished in the Great Tragedy for example.

Thus according to the faith of Fundin, worship of the “gods” must be forbidden. Not only is it a distraction from proper veneration of those who gave their lives to help the unworthy people of the modern age survive and thrive, but it is also a perverse reversal of the natural order for the creator to bow down before the created. Moreover it is also dangerous, the gods are to a certain extent as they are believed to be and worship could make them fearfully powerful in an age when there are none left who could combat them.

Followers of Azrah and some other heretics differ of course. They commonly claim that it was in fact the gods who created the world and humans with it and then created spirits as special servitors. By worship they are often indeed able to demonstrate strange and fell powers which they claim are blessings from these great deities, and their opponents simply label Profane Magic.

A partial list of some gods is as follows:
Airku- God of lightning
Ehrholt- God of nature
Grimholt- God of mystery and the unknown
Skaihalth- Goddess of good luck
Talsifer- God of metal


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