Meaning ‘The Right,’ Fundin is an umbrella term for a broad religious movement that a vast majority of people in Feryngia subscribe to, though with great variety between their beliefs.
Perhaps it should not be regarded as a single faith at all, but rather as a category into which many true religions fit by virtue of several major shared beliefs, among them:

  1. The First Generations were far superior to modern, Fourth Generation humans. For their heroism and sacrifice and hard work that made the world safe for the people of the Second Age they deserve gratitude, thanks, veneration, and emulation even though they can no longer intervene in the world.
  2. The supposed Gods and Spirits in the world were created by humans and not the other way around. They are dangerous and unworthy of worship.
  3. There will never again be people like the great heroes of the First Generations.
  4. Magic is a product of Aegir, not any sort of force in itself, and the usable forms of magic are a gift from Sekeriah and others of the First Generation meant to be used, but with care.
  5. Aegir is the essence of life and must be treated reverently and neither wasted nor sought after with greedy disregard for others.
  6. Weapons, tools, and personal belongings of the First Generations should be treated as relics and admired, not used by lesser folk.
  7. Feryngia is a land holier than all others because the first humans entered it from the Old Place

Those who subscribe to only some of these basic tenets but not all are often considered heretics by more mainstream followers.

There is no central organization at the heart of Fundin, instead it consists of a vast number of Cults venerating one or more people from the First Generations in particular. In general they all get along just fine because they don’t try to deny the importance of other figures.

Fundin claims to trace its roots to 2A 682 when the term was first used in known writing. This was as part of a call for the various, mutually hostile cults of the time to put aside their small differences and embrace their many similarities instead. According to many particularly religious followers of Fundin, the spread of this belief brought the world out of the decline of the Time of Sorrows. Nowadays it is at least continent-wide and perhaps larger in scope and followed to some degree by at least 95% of the population.

Chief among Fundin’s public works for many centuries has been the mass production and sale at cheap prices of Staves and training of healers, this being a good way both to uphold the teachings of the First Generations that people weak or in danger should be protected and to bring in new converts and donations from those whose lives were saved.

Stridently opposed by Fundin is the small Azrah faith.


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