Fourth Generation

Modern humans. Vastly inferior in all significant ways (Among them strength, speed, intellect, magical talent, virtue, beauty, inventiveness, and fortitude) to the First Generations.

History: It is not at all clear or agreed on when the Fourth Generation began to appear in the First Age. It must have been some time after the Third Generation in 1A 800 and by 1A 1300 they had spread and multiplied across the whole of Feryngia and probably Fomorti as the last few of the First Generations died out, marking the end of the Age of Legend. All history after this point, the entirety of the long and ongoing Second Age is the history of the Fourth Generation and how they have succeeded and failed in coming to terms with their inadequacy and helplessness before a world without their benevolent predecessors in it. Consult The Outline of History for details.

Religion: No one worships the Fourth Generation, but they are often reverent of the First Generations. Their major religion is Fundin which focuses on their veneration. They are sometimes led astray by various Heresies or even the maligned church of Azrah however.

Besides intellect and descent from god-like men and women of a past age, what sets the human apart from the beast ultimately is Aegir. All living things have it, but humans are better at storing and collecting it than any other and so live longer and can enhance themselves in many ways.

Fourth Generation

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