Fomorti is the world of Fire Emblem: The Age of Legend.

Fomorti is largely Earth-like, though it is perhaps warmer and the seas higher, so the smallish continents are more distant and have less communication with one another. For example, there has been no real “age of exploration,” though the world is in some ways entering the early modern period.

Trans-oceanic voyages are possible but not feasible. People on Feryngia and the Moriavari Archipelago are dimly aware that there are other continents, but have probably never met someone from one. Once every few years a ship comes in from distant harbors with valuable enough trade goods to make the journey worthwhile, but this is the extent of global trade.

However, it is known that in the Age of Legend men of the First Generations made trans-oceanic voyages, that’s how humans got to continents other than Feryngia and the Moriavari Archipelago in the first place. Metaxas famously swam around the world, most likely visiting every major landmass at least once.

Some theologians theorize that the First Generations may live on on other continents, but this is a minority theory verging on heresy and the few foreign traders who have been seen are clearly modern, degenerate humans of the Fourth Generation.


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