Feryngia is the continent of Fire Emblem: The Fifth Generation.

Feryngia is of average size for a continent in Fomorti, small for Earth. It is roughly 3,000,000 square miles in area, comparable to Australia or the continental United States. Its importance far outweighs its size however, Feryngia was the land in which the First Generation first emerged from the Old Place and where many of their greatest achievements took place during the Age of Legend. As such it is essentially the birthplace of humankind and is sacred ground.

Feryngia is geologically diverse, though most of it is temperate and much is mountainous.

In the northwest the nations of Yeoria, Snorivia, to a lesser extent Mgarmir, and especially the conglomeration of the Northern Principalities are cool or cold much of the year due to not only high latitude but also a old ocean current nearby. Yeoria and Snorivia were once densely forested, though much land in that area has been cleared for agriculture. Boreal woodlands persist in the Minalin and even Tupavar Mountains though as well as at the edges of more civilized lands. Mgarmir is generally warmer than the other northwestern nations since it is at lower elevation than all but the Northern Principalities, but it is still one of the less densely populated and coolest parts of Feryngia. Though further north, the Northern Principalities are wetter and even less settled than their neighbors and so tend toward forests and fens.

In the northeast are only Seforibar and parts of the Frysolythian Empire. A warm current and pronounced rainshadow from the Frysolythian and Taraka Mountains turn most of Seforibar into a thin strip of fairly temperate desert.

Though occasionally included among the northwestern nations, Peruvia has more in common in climate with neighboring Savaritania. Both receive large amounts of rainfall, are temperate, and are striated with river and lake systems, such as the Kora, flowing into the Sea of Rove. The entire region consisting of Savaritiania, the Koran Free Cities, Peruvia, and the bits of the Frysolythian Empire north of the Kitatani Mountains is sometimes termed the Savari-Peruvian Heartlands by those who would contest that the Frysolythian Empire is the heart of Feryngia. In general, Savaritania is at a higher elevation that Peruvia, but being shielded from storms by ringing mountains and having its climate stabilized by Lake Kora and the Sea of Rove keeps it just as temperate.

The so-called Feryngian Heartlands is the single largest region of Feryngia, comprising everything from the edges of Seforibar to the Serpenvir Mountains and south of the Frysolythian and Kitatani Mountains. This vast area includes all of Fortavir, Migratoria, the crumbling Frysolythian Empire, and even Kimaga, the Nimade Mountains, and Varibaldir by most definitions. In essence it corresponds to the height of the Frysolythian Empire excluding the vast Savari-Peruvian Heartlands. The rainiest of these countries is the Frysolythian Empire, which not coincidentally also has many rivers and some of the best farmland on the continent. Kimaga also gets a great deal of rainfall, but its soil is rocky and very high elevation and bad for agriculture. Most of its small population lives along the coast and fishes or travels back and forth seasonally between mining in the Nimades and selling their mineral wealth elsewhere. Fortavir and Migratoria are less prosperous than the empire they broke away from, but still have better lands than many of the northwestern nations as well as a warmer climate. Besides the woodlands rich in valuable timber that they share with Varibaldir, these countries are situated on prosperous trade routes and enjoy a long growing season. Varibaldir is the driest part of this region and consequently the poorest, but it by no means a desert or even as dry as the Northern Principalities. Still, its long sea coast is the most agriculturally viable and populous part of the country.

The Far Realms is the last region of Feryngia proper, located in the southwest. Besides the country of Serpenvir and the likewise named mountains, this smallish region also includes the little country of Yalvia and by some definitions Varibaldir as well. It is by far the warmest part of Feryngia and its highland forests are full of plants and animals not seen anywhere else. Closer to the coasts however, most of the land has long been cleared for farming.

Although some geographers consider the vast Moriavari Archipelago south of Feryngia to be part of the continent, its inhabitants do not.


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