Dark Magic

Dark magic (often called “Elder Magic” by its practitioners) is the oldest and most dangerous of the three normally wielded sorts of magic. It comes from the lent power of the god of darkness and mystery, Grimholt, as part of an ancient deal: Sekeriah, having defeated him, did not destroy him in return for him serving any human who asked properly with his power. The battle between them is commonly estimated to have been sometimes before 2A 500, but the actual date of this major event in the history of magic is unknown.

Compared to Light Magic and even to Anima Magic, Elder is much more powerful but also complicated and dangerous and difficult to wield. The majority of a tome of dark magic consists of dire warnings of what slight slip ups in intoning the spell could results in death or worse. Students of it may spend decades just learning the basic precautions before casting their first spell. Furthermore, the effects of dark magic are rarely straightforward- though many of these side effects have been adapted into useful spells in their own right.

While the churches of Fundin do not oppose the use of Dark Magic, as it was a gift of Sekeriah, they advocate it be wielded only sparingly and carefully.
Many lay people confuse Dark Magic with Profane Magic or find it sinister and oppose it for other reasons,

A list of common dark magic tomes and their properties:

Name Weapon Rank to Use Range Weight Might Hit Crit Uses Price Effect
Flux E 1-2 8 7 80 0 45 750
Nosferatu D 1-2 10 10 70 0 35 2500 Regain HP = damage dealt
Shadow Wave D 1 8 7 60 0 20 800 Free attack against enemies 2 more spaces in same direction
Wraith C 1-2 12 12 65 0 30 1500 Inflicts Poison
Luna C 1-2 12 70 10 35 5250 Ignores enemy Resistance
Feedback B 1-2 13 13 65 0 25 2750 Effective vs. Magic and Staff users; adds enemy magic to damage
Eclipse B 3-10 20 50 0 5 4000 Reduces target to 1 HP (kills if at 1)
Fenrir A 1-2 14 15 60 0 20 3500 Free attack against another enemy of choice within 3 squares

Tales of much more powerful tomes and rarely spoken out of fear among the common people; but some include Hel and Plague.

Dark Magic

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