Zepherin Vida of Yeoria


A man of the land, as the saying goes; Zepherin is a rather short and stocky fellow. Standing at a solid 5’8, his overall bearing is that of a small bear, from his rough beard to the hair on his arms. But despite his animalistic qualities, his nature is that of the calm before a storm. His presence and his taciturn speech make him a quiet companion indeed.

Born in the farmlands of Yeoria, Zepherin’s fate was changed at an early age, the day a visiting caravan came through his town. A merchant, out of boredom and humor, gave him a wyvern egg, telling Zepherin that it was dead and worthless to him. But as children are, Zepherin decides to attempt to hatch the egg. Growing up, this fascination gives way to obsession, eventually leading to the egg’s permanent place at a continuous fire in Zepherin’s house. Much to everyone’s surprise (and dismay) the egg hatches. But due to the general fear of wyverns, Zepherin and wyvern were chased out and ostracized.

Years pass, Zepherin and Gamalee (the Wyvern) have lived in solitude for many years, living off the land, training together, and generally keeping to themselves. During a trip through the woods, Zepherin spies a caravan being attacked by a northern raiding party. He rides in and saves the caravan. As the raiders ran, Zepherin finds that Princess Mruria was in the caravan. She persuades him to join her at the capital, where he eventually earns his right to ride amongst the Ospreys.

Zepherin Vida of Yeoria

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