Tollidarius XIII of Ivla

Advisor and friend of Prince Rinvolin


The current heir to the House of Ivla, like his forbears since Tollidarius VIII he has served as a trusted adviser and friend to first King Treferdin of Yeoria and now his son, Prince Rinvolin of Yeoria.
In the latter’s youth, Tollidarius XIII taught or helped teach him history, law, philosophy, accounting, Fundin (especially as it relates to Magic), mathematics, and many other scholarly things even as Johannes Ehrlant of Ivla tutored him in the fighting arts.
All of the house of Ivla back to the earliest recorded have been notoriously reclusive and rarely appeared before the people. Though Tollidarius XIII himself travels fairly often at the side of the Prince or the King before him and so is not unknown, his family stays ensconced in the castle of Yeor and so are unknown to the wider populace. This of course has bred all sorts of rumors about them, the most offensive of which claim that Tollidarius is the secret head of the Harjakt, whatever it is claimed that organization actually is. He doesn’t seem to mind however.
Besides advising the king and living in his castle and even holding a seat on the Akt despite having no lands, Tollidarius XIII is also the head of the Ospreys, Yeoria’s royal guard.
In his spare time he apparently studies magic and his treatises on the subject are generally very well received.

A man well over six feet tall and slim, Tollidarius is a commanding presence even though he is more often a listener in the background of conversations until he has had time to assess things fully. Not a warrior but neither a slothful and decadent noble, he wears whatever clothes are now fashionable among his peers when he must but generally prefers a red silk robe embroidered all about with the white ospreys and stars of Yeoria. His age is hard to judge. While probably over sixty, he has great youthful energy and vigor still. His hair has turned iron-grey and he’s mostly bald.

He is known for his humor and quiet optimism as well as for his great intellect. His knowledge across many fields including military strategy, magic, religion, and countless others is quite extensive.

Tollidarius XIII of Ivla

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