Goddess of Good Luck


Minor but benevolent deity first attested to in several epics about heroes of the First Generation as someone who granted good fortune.

Later stories recorded by the Third Generation and believed by more objective historians to be derived from that of Grimholt in subject matter suggest that Skaihalth (Literally luck or fortune goddess) was thought of as one of the most beneficent and commonly worshiped deities of the ancient world. Some traditions portray her as a heroine rather than a goddess, this is Heresy though. In the story, Skaihalth sees that mortals are struggling to use the newly acquired Magic: Grimholt’s Dark Magic is actively harmful and dangerous to an improperly protected wielder, while Ehrholt’s Anima Magic can be wild and unpredictable. She therefore decides to grant mortals her power in the form of Light Magic, which relies on luck and brings good fortune to its wielder. Other sources suggest that her motive was fear of Sekeriah or some other great hero, rather than just generosity.

The story is similar to those of both Grimholt and Ehrholt, particularly some tellings of the second version.



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