Sir Ellidan Whitestar of Yeor

A Knight of the Ospreys, Sir Ellidan is eager to prove his worth to his country and his Prince.


Level 5

Ellidan is a cavalier leaning towards offense and speed. He is proficient in both lances and swords, but prefers swords.

Iron Lance
Iron Sword
Steel Greatsword
Vulnerary (2)


Sir Ellidan Whitestar, a knight in every sense of the word, has proven time and time again that he is worthy of his position as Personal Guard to his Highness, Prince Rinvalin of Yeoria. He is a tall gentleman, 6 feet flat, with blonde hair bleached almost white by countless hours of training in the sun and eyes just as deep blue as the Yeorian flag. Just looking at him, one can sense his constant joy in serving his country and his King, and only imagine the effort he has expended to arrive at his station. He has been a faithful Yeorian citizen his whole life. Ever since he was a child, he dreamed of fighting his country’s enemies alongside his King as a Knight of the Osprey. He enlisted the first moment he was able, easily rising through the ranks with his determination and devotion to Yeoria. The day he was given the title of Knight of the Osprey was one of the happiest of his life, and he vowed to fight for Rinvolin and Yeoria until death took him away.

He speaks with a Yeorian (French) accent.

Sir Ellidan Whitestar of Yeor

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