Greatest hero of all time


Lifespan: 1A 1 to 1A 1121
Appearance: Surprisingly few details survive. People writing about him seem to have been too busy being astounded by his awe-inspiring feats and riveting adventures to write down very much of what he looked like. He is known to have been tall and handsome and so commanding in appearance that beasts bowed before him and Gods fled when they saw him coming. Often called the ‘man with a thousand faces’ for how every different area portrays him differently, each trying to make every depiction of them the pinnacle of heroic appearance as seen by their culture.
History: Sekeriah is commonly said to have been the very first human to enter Fomorti from the Old Place at the beginning of the First Age. With absolutely no knowledge even of knowing they needed to breathe and eat and drink or how to move, the First Generation nearly did not survive and many perished. From the beginning Sekeriah outdid them all, learning the requirements of survival before anyone else and then teaching such others as were not figuring them out. He was first in everything: strength, speed, intellect, perception, will, Aegir, beauty, honor, goodness, justice, inventiveness, leadership, and everything else of any value. From his earliest days he was a great leader and hero even among the towering figures of the First Generation. Among his famous inventions and innovations are fighting, tools, friendship, primitive communication, philosophy, smithing, several types of weapons, clothing, gardening, animal husbandry, house-building, magic tomes, and invention itself. Although he did not of course invent Magic, he did make it accessible to normal people by forcing the gods Grimholt and Ehrholt and perhaps the goddess Skaihalth to lend their power to humans who asked for it properly.
Among his accomplishments are slaying innumerable monsters (including the utter extermination of the dragons who plagued the early humans) and all large animals that could not be tamed.
He took under his wing first hundreds and eventually tens of thousands of less skilled people of the Second and then Third Generation and protected them against all comers from Gods- of whom he has slain or subjugated dozens – to monsters to others of the First Generations- such as the formidable giantess Hreijibor -to poor climate or geography which he often remedied by moving mountains or building them up out of nowhere or digging new rivers or clearing forests.
Having established several thriving first age communities, Sekeriah resumed wandering the world as he had when it was new. This time he did so with a handful of good friends and companions though, among them Ashkantir the master swordsman, Tollidarius the mage, and Grylock the supremely strong as well as a shifting roster of others. Now and then he returned to civilized lands to tell his stories to the first historians of the Third Generation that the knowledge of the first few centuries not be lost forever and he still looked out for the well being of all the people even in this sort of ‘retirement.’ It was on such a well-meaning, self-appointed task that he met his end. There were not many gods left in the world but one of the most troublesome was Talsifer, the god of metal. As long as he existed humans would never have full control of all the useful metals of the world with which to make beautiful things and tools. Therefore Sekeriah and these most trusted of his friends sought the dangerous deity out in the Taraka Mountains and the two of them had a long and awesome battle back and forth. Eventually the two slew each other by hurling mountains back and forth, the death of Sekeriah being recorded by his followers who were present. His death in 1A 1121 is now called The Great Tragedy and was a devastating loss to the whole world.
Other aspects of his legacy include his legendary weapon – the mighty Fire Emblem -, his philosophy of what constitutes good behavior called The Shining Path and vast numbers of epics and legends detailing his adventures such as The Forge of Fate. At least according to most he had no children, as no woman (or man for that matter) felt worthy of so much as touching the hem of his cloak.

Religion: Sekeriah’s Cults are vast in number and size, veneration of Sekeriah above all others is tacitly encouraged by Fundin, and virtually everyone admires him. All but the most fanatical members of other cults are often also in one or more of his. A few particularly notable groups who adore him include the elite Peruvian military unit the Knights of the Rising Sun, the enormous and mainstream Sons of Sekeriah, the heretical Men of the Red Band, and the Atalan theological discussion group who devote their time to studying and interpreting all he was recorded as saying.


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