Satran Sadakar the Silent of Peruvia

Current ruler of Peruvia


An elderly man who has ruled Peruvia for many decades, having been named as heir at a young age by the previous Satran and approved by the Barturu.
He is by all accounts a private and quiet man, always readier to listen than to pontificate and has developed a reputation as a good ruler- though not a spectacularly great one like Satran Pirhan. He has defended the country well over the years, but has never answered a provocation from Savaritania with a real war. Indeed, for all his military expertise he seems to be a rather peaceable man.

About 2 years ago, Prince Rinvolin of Yeoria met him while visiting the country. The people gave him a frosty reception, but he remembered the Satran as pleasant and welcoming, though not very talkative. When his trip was cut short by news of King Treferdin of Yeoria’s illness, he left confident that the Satran an he could doubtless maintain the peace between Yeoria and Peruvia]].

Thus it came as no small shock to him when Peruvia invaded during the Yeorian Succession Crisis of 2A 3214.

Satran Sadakar the Silent of Peruvia

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