Rukh Astroa of Peruvia


HP: 23
Strength: 7
Skill: 6
Speed: 6
Defense: 7
Resistance: 0
Luck: 0
Constitution: 9
Move: 7

5% hit (Self)

Steel Lance
Attack: 17
Attack Speed: 3
Accuracy: 77
Avoid: 7
Critical: 3

Iron Lance
Attack: 14
Attack Speed: 6
Accuracy: 92
Avoid: 12
Critical 3


As free as his namesake, Rukh is the embodiment of raw energy and enthusiasm. Roughly 5’10, his short hair is ink black with unnatural flairs of red streaked throughout while his eyes are bright hazel with flecks of gold. Prone to reckless behavior and rash decision’s, Rukh projects an aura of youthful determination when posed with a problem, believing that there is always more than one answer. “Nothing is impossible, only improbable”

Rukh Astroa of Peruvia

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