Roslyr Giltonwyrd

The thief with the heart of gold


Level 3

A thief with a MASSIVE focus in speed.

Weapon Ranks

Chest Key
Door Key (4)


Roslyr is the adventurer; locksmith extraordinare, wanderer, storyteller, he hasn’t done it all, but he’ll be damned if he won’t. Standing slightly taller than his wife, his dark hair offsets his bright green eyes, always sparkling with mischief of some sort. No one is QUITE sure how he managed to marry Kiga, but they both seem pleased about the arrangement and it seems safer not to ask. A devil may care, I do what I want type of fellow, the only person able to keep him in line at ALL is Kiga. He originally hails from Frysolythia, his accent gives him away, however he grew unhappy with staying in one place, so he traveled to the Koran Free Cities. As a young man, he made a friend on the streets of Lyre, Iyana. The two of them were inseparable until he met Kiga, and Ilyana joined the army less than a year later.

Roslyr Giltonwyrd

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