Red-Ribbon Knight

Obscure new general of Peruvia


A seemingly newly appointed general in Peruvia along with Generals Mida, Rahan, and Baruran. Both his origins and precisely who he commands are unclear, he just began appearing along with the other generals and the Satran Sadakar the Silent of Peruvia at various public events over the last few months to a year.
While spies and rulers are not particularly interested in his identity (which doesn’t really seem to be a secret so much as something the Satran saw no particular reason to announce, perhaps indicating many in Peruvia know him already) and are much more concerned with whether his appearance indicates a major restructuring of the armed forces currently divided by front.
Commoners who’ve heard of him are much taken with this mysterious knight however, even if the mystery is only a result of newness and not having done much yet.

As his name indicates, the ‘Red-Ribbon Knight’ is known largely for his unique appearance. He is an extraordinarily tall man it seems, clad head to toe in lustrous armor black and shiny as obsidian or Nachtite. This is enameled around the edges of the plates in scarlet and adorned strikingly with fine ribbons or streamers of the same color which fly majestically in the wind.
At his side he carries what looks like a simple infantryman’s shortsword and no other weapons.

Red-Ribbon Knight

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