Princess Mruria of Yeoria

Rinvolin's dead sister


Prince Rinvolin of Yeoria’s beloved younger sister. She died about 7 years ago at the age of 13 of a plague in Yeor that also killed their mother, the queen. She was said to be both very kindhearted and extraordinarily beautiful and became extraordinarily popular with the people of Yeoria even though she rarely left the palace.

Indeed, her popularity was so great that while she lived there was a sizable minority of the populace who called for her to be named heir though her brother was nearly 3 years the elder. When she suddenly died, many of them could not accept it and began casting about for someone to blame. The more cynical and less insane decided it must have been an assassination by someone in the royal family to ensure her brother took the throne- despite King Treferdin of Yeoria never having said anything to the effect that she would be considered his heir. Others claim the sinister organization of spies or assassins or heretics or who knows what called the Harjakt was behind it for one of dozens of motives.

Few took her death harder than the prince himself. After he finished mourning he couldn’t bear to stay in the palace where she’d lived and took to traveling his country and meeting his people and person and learning their hardships. Though known to be a very kind man, he has since shown little personal tenderness or affection to any but his horse. They say he still holds a celebration of her birthday on his own just after midwinter every year and that he still carries the warhammer she imbued for him, for she was a mage of some skill.


Princess Mruria of Yeoria

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