Prince Rinvolin of Yeoria

Crown Prince of Yeoria. A kind and courageous ruler in the making.


Prince Rinvolin of Yeoria is a man of only 23 years as yet untested by real war or the hardships of lordships, but looked upon with great expectations by his country.

Only son of King Treferdin of Yeoria, Rinvolin was from his earliest days trained and prepared for the day he would take the crown. He studied history, law, political science, philosophy, etiquette and diplomatic manners, accounting, the fundaments of Fundin, as well as combat with a variety of weapons and armor for both dueling and formation fighting contexts and battlefield leadership among other disciplines and was noted as at least adequate in them all. Living mostly in the castle of Yeor, he did also occasionally stay with nobles like Duke Gardnelle and even had a year-long visit to King Rejrar of Snorivia
When he was 16 his mother and sister, Princess Mruria of Yeoria, were both struck down by a local plague in Yeor, ending Rinvolin’s up to then sheltered and care (if not work)-free life.
After he finished mourning, Rinvolin decided that rather than spend his time moping around and continuing his now somewhat hollow-sounding life he would travel among the people and learn more of the ways of the real world. Sometimes traveling openly, sometimes incognito, he got to know his people and they got to know him. It was true love for both; the young prince’s handsomeness, nobility, and genuine good will for them were a welcome change to many who lived under a distant king and an all too local duke; he was impressed by their simplicity, endurance of hardship, and generosity with what little they had. In this time he on several occasions was attacked by bandits and highwaymen and once was caught up in a raid by the Northern Principalities on a small town. In all such fighting he proved he had both courage and skill; skill that grew so rapidly many people began to wonder if he was an Enth. Wherever he went he did what he could to alleviate the people’s hardship; not the image-driven giving of some nobles out only to buy temporary loyalty but genuinely helping those he could.
Returning a few years later to perfect his military training and other studies, Rinvolin impressed even his fighting instructor Johannes Ehrlant of Ivla with his zeal and the scholarly Tollidarius XIII of Ivla with the effort he now put into his other studies.
He still took time to go on shorter trips to survey his country’s situation and was beginning to take a trip into Savaritania to see the heartland of the knightly culture he so admired. He made it as far as meeting- and being awed by- the Knights of the Rising Sun in Peruvia where he was shocked at the hostility many of the people showed to him, but pleasantly surprised by Satran Sadakar the Silent of Peruvias warm welcome before hearing of King Treferdin of Yeoria’s illness and returning.
Saddened by his father’s death, he was blind to the growing intrigue against him in the north (not that many others saw it coming). When suddenly many of the dukes he’d met and trusted declare they wanted to see Duke Grenfeld on the throne and the first reports came in that warriors from the Norhern Principalities had crossed the borders he reacted immediately, seeing a plot more against his people than himself. He called up the royal army and traveled quickly toward the front lines, bringing only his personal guard (the Ospreys) and such mercenaries as he could hire quickly with him.

Prince Rinvolin is a big man, 6-feet tall or more and broad shouldered;his mighty warhorse and perfect, proud posture only make him seem even more imposing.
He is rarely without his armor and a horse but seldom carries a weapon. The former is heavy, riding plate enameled sky blue with the white osrepy and crown of stars emblem of [[House of Yeor | his house prominent upon it and cobalt blue trimming about the edges of the plates.
He never wears a helmet, preferring that his men be able to recognize him and to keep a clear view of the field at all time. His hair is black and short- nowhere lower than his chiseled jaw-, his features refined yet strong, and his gentle eyes are green.
His horse Artax is a mighty, white Peruvian destrier bought during his brief visit there. The prince is very fond of him, keeping him well groomed and his coat shining and always dresses him in his heavy barding himself.

Serious and proud but not grim, Prince Rinvolin prefers to let his actions speak for him. Seemingly without fear or even healthy caution, he is at the forefront of every battle and fights with great skill- though no particular zeal -, never asking more of his men than he gives himself. He is a very kind man, but not a tender or affectionate one with any but his horse and perhaps a very few of his Ospreys since his sister’s untimely death some 7 years ago. His mind is only slightly less formidable than his arm, but he has a well-earned reputation for rash actions and reckless, imprudent daring. [[ ]] Perhaps the most important thing in the world to him is the knightly code of The Shining Path, he strives every day and in every way to live up to this standard of valor, mercy, honor, and justness set down by Sekeriah the great. For that matter, he is in general a pious man with great reverence for the many heroes of the First Generations, though he holds Sekeriah as his particular idol.

Prince Rinvolin of Yeoria

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