Explorer, circumnavigated the world by swimming


Lifespan: Before 1A 300 to at least 1A 950 or so
Appearance: Unknown, all surviving art is from long after his estimated death. His followers depict him as a handsome, fit, nude man always in mid-stride. Details vary however.
History: Not attested to in the earliest stories of the First Generation. Perhaps this is because he had done nothing noteworthy or because he was not one of the original group to come from the Old Placeand instead either emerged later or was born to now unknown members of the original group. Sekeriah in particular had nothing to say of him, either from disdain or actual ignorance.

His main noteworthy exploits were as an explorer, he would eventually visit every landmass then inhabited and presumably many or all others as well. That he apparently did so by swimming across the oceans lends credence to the theory that seagoing ships were developed by the Second Generation, not the first. As sidenotes to this vast, decades-long voyage he apparently played a marginal role in many other people’s adventures worldwide and also left behind quite a few children.

It is estimated that he began his trans-oceanic journeys in roughly 1A 300. The first written attestation to him comes from Eekanu in 1A 1048, writing down what he described as a well known story of a man who left his wife to swim around the world accompanied by several short epic poems offering different accounts of the matter. No other copies of these poems have been found and Eekanu didn’t know where they originally came from. After Eekanu’s notes on him were publicized, other similar stories and possible attestations to Metaxas from many places around the globe began to be grouped together and attributed to him. Thus the Metaxas commonly known may well be a sort of composite character. However, Kenanarkand, a man claiming to be his son or grandson and to have heard much of his story from him personally came forward in 1A 1061. He fleshed out the details of the story and went on to found the Followers of Metaxas.

Religion: Metaxas’s cult in Feryngia call themselves the Followers of Metaxas. They are fairly minor considering what a popular figure in folklore Metaxas became. Explorers, frontiersmen, (oddly) shipwrights, athletes, and would-be fathers tend to revere him most. His teachings are few, but his followers preach bodily vigor, physical challenge, and traveling long distances for its own sake (Nadran).


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