Mathus the Hadranic

... Died from flying?


Health: 18
Magic: 5
Skill: 3
Speed: 4
Defense: 1
Resistance: 4
Luck: 0
Constitution: 3
Move: 5

1 Protection (Self)

Attack Speed: 4
Avoid: 8


An enigmatic man, Mathus doesn’t speak of his past outside of fact that he is a faithful servant of the Sekeriah Sect (although he never specifies which one) . His dark hair close cropped, the most prominent part of his face is the claw like scar that runs around his left eye that ends in a brand at the base of his jaw. His eyes look upon the world in solemn steadiness, appraising every action and concealing his opinions. But while his past seems to weigh heavily on him, he stands with an unyielding posture, an imposing 6’2.

Mathus the Hadranic

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