Koldrin Lystar of Koran FC

Died in Action


Health: 21
Strength: 6
Skill: 7
Speed: 9
Defense: 5
Resistance: 3
Luck: 0
Constitution: 7
Move: 7

5% Avoid (Self)

Iron Lance
Attack: 13
Attack Speed: 8
Accuracy: 94
Avoid: 16
Critical: 3


Free-spirited as the Pegasus (Ocean) he rides, Koldrin Lystar is a dreamer. Growing up along the banks of Lake Kora, he (and he swears Ocean feels the same) dreams of the ocean and what lies beyond. Despite his shoreline lifestyle, Kol is deathly pale and many consider his overall stature as sickly which belays his true strength and health. When he is so inclined, Kol’s full height is 5’11 but his whimsical nature has manifested itself into a continuous slouch. His hair a sandy blonde, it hangs unkempt and wild around his shoulders.
While Kol has never been anywhere near the ocean while growing up, he lived and breathed the stories of one of the first generations (religion and history were never his strong suit) journey around the world. But times were hard and boats don’t grow on trees so Kol had to find the means to fund his dream…

Koldrin Lystar of Koran FC

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