King Isorth the Gallant of Sythmyr

Half-legendary, proto-Frysolythian king


Ancient (late 2A 500s – 600s) king of the petty state of Sythmyr in what is now the heartland of the Frysolythian Empire. He is shrouded in official legend, folktales, and somewhat murky history.

Though most historians would contend that nothing resembling the Frysolythian Empire would emerge for many centuries after his death, he is often regarded in that land as one of the fathers of their state and perhaps an example of the ideal ruler. Accordingly, he is treated there with a reverence sometimes verging on that given to the First Generations and therefore on Heresy.

Historically what is known about him is that he was both a charismatic figure inspiring loyalty from his knights and captains and a shrewd tactician. Under his reign Sythmyr was able to conquer or annex several neighboring city-states (among them Frysolithia itself), though this early empire dissolved a few generations after his death for debated reasons. According to those in the historical community that admire him, this temporary union paved the way culturally and politically for a much more successful and permanent one centuries later and is therefore an essential step in the glorious history of the Frysolythian Empire.

He is also historically noteworthy as providing the first written mention of The Shining Path when he told an assembly of his knights that, “A warrior walks The Shining Path or he wallows in the filth and lowness of the swamps. There is no other,” though of course any practitioner of The Shining Path would be quick to point out that the actual ideology predates him and stretches back to the teachings of Sekeriah himself.

King Isorth the Gallant of Sythmyr

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