Kiga (Kigathudia) Giltonwyrd

The Voice of Reason


Level 4

An accomplished healer (troubador) who focuses on speed and magic prowess.

Weapon Ranks

Healing Staff


Kiga is a pretty young woman, 25, black hair with piercing blue eyes and a presence that holds a room. Around her husband however, she can act much older. She seems to be the more grounded of the couple, sometimes physically holding Roslyn back from doing something stupid. She hails Lyre, and as the second daughter of a notable merchant, she was in the public eye often. She is a slightly brash young woman, a trait that didn’t make her many friends in the upper crust of Lyrian society. When she brought home a ragged man from the underbelly of the city, and a Frysolythian no less, her family was horrified. Kiga, however, adored Roslyr’s sense of individuality and freedom, even if he tended to get himself into trouble more than was healthy. She refuses to be left behind while Roslyr travels the world, because the one time she stayed behind, she got so much pity from the other women that she just went after him in a rage and hasn’t left his side since.

Kiga (Kigathudia) Giltonwyrd

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