Johannes Ehrlant of Ivla

Trainer and servitor of Rinvolin, vice-captain of the League of Akaldin


Johannes Ehrlant of Ivla is a middle-aged warrior of famous skill and courage recently assigned to Prince Rinvolin of Yeoria’s personal guard, the Ospreys.

The son of a Migratorian mercenary wyvern rider serving in Yeoria, Johannes trained to ride one himself and became quite accomplished by the time he was a young adult. However, wyverns fared poorly and became sluggish in the cold climate and he was impressed by the grace and discipline of the League of Akaldin as well as too patriotic to become a mercenary like his father.
Finding the league would not accept him, he enlisted as a castle guard for Duke Gardnelle and rose in his esteem until he was permitted to become a pegasus knight in his service, and eventually their captain. Fond of the patriotic and warlike Gardnelle, he stayed on as a guard whenever possible even when he was accepted into the League of Akaldin and slowly began to rise through their ranks.
During this time roughly 10 years ago he was often stationed in Yeor and served as one of Prince Rinvolin’s trainers, teaching him horsemanship and combat. He and the prince are fairly close as a result.
Eventually Johannes became a vice-captain in the League and at the urging of Duke Gardnelle after his castle was raided by Duke Grenfeld’s forces, joined Prince Rinvolin’s personal guard, the Ospreys, to be able to serve him directly again. Although the prince trusts him and relies upon him for his protection as well as his advise, Johannes has not been knighted as many of the Ospreys have because as a foreigner he is not eligible for this honor.

Big and quite strong despite being middle-aged, Johannes has thinning black hair and an impressive military mustache. His armor is enameled gray and black, a stark contrast to the well-groomed pegasus he rides somewhat awkwardly.

He is serious and grim and takes little joy in anything but his country and battle. His courage and zeal are matchless and his sense of honor and pride are strong, but he is without kindness or mercy for most people.

Johannes Ehrlant of Ivla

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