Duke Grenfeld

Leader of the traitorous peers of Yeoria.


Ruler of Grenfeld in the far north of Yeoria. He is the leader and perhaps organizer of the traitorous dukes in the Yeorian Succession Crisis of 2A 3214.

Grenfeld is not a particularly noteworthy duchy, but the duke ran it into the ground with his neglect and indifference as he wiled away his days lolling about and dreaming of being the king of all Yeoria.

Duke Grenfeld’s parents doted upon him as their only child and he lived the privilege life of the children of the nobility, free from any harm or care. His father though recognized the need for defense against the raiders from the Northern Principalities and often went to fight them in person.
One day the duke finally pried his son loose from the duchesses arms and dragged him off to take his proper place helping lead the campaigns. That year they had to work alongside the then Duke of Gardnelle and his son (a boy several years younger yet) against a larger than normal raiding party. When it came time for battle though, the younger Grenfeld cowardlyly did not lead his small but important group to their proper place to avoid any fighting. Because they did not do their important scouting and flanking mission, the battle took a sharp turn for the worse as Gardnelle’s forces were ambushed. A great many of them died including the duke.
When it became clear the disaster was the fault of his son’s self-centered cowardice, Duke Grenfeld was disgusted. However, he was a very soft-hearted man and the duchess talked him out of any punishment or taking the ‘boy’ to fight again.
The future duke’s indolence grew by the day however and it soon became clear to all but his mother that he would make a terrible ruler. Not long after his beloved wife died, Duke Grenfeld therefore began quietly casting about for an alternative heir. Scarcely a fortnight later he died of food poisoning, his twenty-eight year old but still childish son taking the throne. Any rumors that it had been an assassination and a patricide were hushed up and the new duke immediately set about extracting all possible personal benefit he could from the people. He has driven the marginally successful duchy into poverty, debt, and defenselessness over the three decades since and rules strictly by threat of violence, appeals to tradition, and the occasional bribe.

This is not enough however, he dreams of ever more wealth and luxury in which to wallow and ever more freedom to do as he pleases. Thus he began conspiring bit by bit and whisper by whisper with other malcontents who opposed the House of Yeor, including foreign princes. The plotters saw their chance at last with the illness and death of old King Treferdin of Yeoria and began secretly mobilizing. They stealthily abused the rules of the Akt to keep it from naming Prince Rinvolin of Yeoria the rightful heir until their allies among the Northern Principalities were ready to act, then struck.

However, Grenfeld had scarcely any forces to speak of and when a counterattack came was forced to flee immediately to Miffin to lead the rebellion from behind the lines. However, Prince Rinvolin led a daring attack on Miffin itself to ensnare him and he was captured

The duke is a remarkably fat and constantly sweaty man, festooned with ornate clothes and jewels and other trappings of nobility. He wears a very bad, blonde wig to cover his thinning hair as well. His selfishness knows no bounds.


Bitter rivals with his southern neighbor, Duke Gardnelle.

Duke Grenfeld

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