Duke Gardnelle

Loyal Northern Duke of Yeoria


Duke of Gardnelle, in the northeast of Yeoria. An aging but proud warrior, he has pledged his life to the House of Yeor and proven his loyalty again and again.

His duchy is poor and remote and always has been, just as it has always produced fierce soldiers. Before the founding of the country the people of Gardnelle often raided their neighbors, particularly those in Grenfeld, and they were some of the last subdued by King Dinmerfin of Yeoria when he began unifying the modern country around 2A 3049. Nowadays they not only manage to defend themselves from the onslaughts of the Northern Principalities but have often helped propped up Grenfeld’s pitiful forces as well.

Duke Gardnelle has been fighting Yeoria’s wars since he was 12 in the 2A 3160s or so. On one bleak winter evening, the current duke and his father were fighting alongside their neighbors (the previous duke of Grenfeld and his son) against a much larger than normal force of northern raiders. According to the elder Gardnelle’s plan, he and his son would lead the bulk of their forces in a direct attack on the enemy camp. The elder Grenfeld would move along their left flank to fight the enemy from that side as well, but the younger Grenfeld was to take some men to clear out the forest that would be on their right flank just beforehand. This strategy established, they went ahead with the attack. Just as battle was joined, a sizable party of northerners ambushed the Gardnelle forces from the woods that should have been safe. A probable victory became a bloody-near rout in which not only Duke Gardnelle’s father but a great many of their men were slain before Grenfeld the elder came to their rescue. It later became apparent that the plan had collapsed solely due to the cowardice of Grenfeld the younger: he had been too afraid to have his men scout the forest and so they had merely gone in a bit past the treeline and stopped. This self-centered treachery gave rise to Duke Gardnelle’s seething hatred for Duke Grenfeld, a burning desire for vengeance that has only increased as the elder duke died under mysterious circumstances and the new one proved time and again his self-serving cowardice, disloyalty, and hedonism.

Orphaned and thrust onto his throne before even really a man, decades of petty wars and the trials of leadership and his festering, impotent loathing for the neighboring duke have made Duke Gardnelle a cold and hard-hearted man. He loves only his country, his duchy, and his soldiers- distrusting anyone who has not proved their courage and loyalty in battle. Without a wife or family, he lives alone but for the men he spends every minute of free time drilling into fine soldiers to send to join the proper Yeorian army. One of the soldiers he is most proud of, and perhaps his only friend other than the late King Treferdin of Yeoria, is Johannes Ehrlant of Ivla. This famous warrior got his start as one of Gardnelle’s guards and with the latter’s recommendation was able to join the League of Akaldin and rise to be Prince Rinvolin’s trainer in fighting and horsemanship.

Not a large or a particularly strong looking man, he is now well into middle age. He is balding save for a blonde mustache and his face is laced with many ugly scars and frozen in a perpetual scowl. He wears the armor and uniform of a common Yeorian soldier, not the finery of a proper noble, and he speaks very softly and hoarsely. An air of confidence and pride follows him everywhere he goes though and his extremely pale blue eyes are dangerous and cold.

Duke Gardnelle

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