Duke Deruvr

Much-Lauded Ruler of Deruvr


Duke of Deruvr, part of north-central Yeoria. He is an exemplary ruler with the affection of his populace and the esteem of his peers and lord both.

Deruvr is a relatively prosperous duchy with good irrigation from snowmelt streams for its mediocre but plentiful land. Much of its comparative success can he attributed to the intelligent, generally benevolent rule of this man who has ambitiously tried to make his the richest duchy in the realm. Though he is still far from this goal, great progress has been made at least.

With the profits from its carefully maintained timber forests, he funds the training of the second-best soldiers in the realm after Gardnelle’s to defend the rest of his people against the occasional raid that reaches straight through near-defenseless Grenfeld and help his neighbors secure their own borders when needed as well.

He is regarded as a great scholar and mage, every bit Tollidarius’s equal though he focuses mainly on Dark Magic. The two correspond often about their studies and are quite friendly among their peers in the Akt.

The duke is black-haired and handsome despite a rather concealing beard and mustache. He dresses finely and richly, but tastefully, and is generally a bit behind the latest trends in court fashion.

Duke Deruvr

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