Dame Andrine of Deruvr

Knight in the Ospreys


Very low Con, but fairly fast (for a knight) and very resistant to magic.


A (presumably) young woman from the duchy of Deruvr in Yeoria, she joined Prince Rinvolin’s personal guard, the Ospreys a bit over two years ago when his father was still alive. One of the last things he did before the long sickness claimed him was promote her to knighthood.

She speaks softly and seldom and is almost never seen without her armor. Cripplingly shy by all accounts, she always wears her helmet at least an avoids most social occasions. Rumors fly that her face has been terribly disfigured or that she is secretly a wanted criminal.

She is short and stout and her armor is unadorned, though carefully polished and well-kept. Though all her lances fly the banner of the ospreys, it is also rumored that her devotion to the prince is more personal than patriotic. On the other hand, such things are said of most women who’ve ever been within a hundred yards of him.

Dame Andrine was slain by the Red-Ribbon Knight while defending Prince Rinvolin and others during the last battle of the Yeorian-Peruvian War

Dame Andrine of Deruvr

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