Master swordsman, follower of Sekeriah


Lifespan: Sometime after 1A 200 to at least 1A 1150 or so.
Appearance: Most art dates to after his death but he is described among the followers of Sekeriah as “short and nimble as a monkey, youthful in face.” Since short for the Second Generation is still very tall for the Fourth Generation this probably means something like 6 feet in height. He is universally depicted with one or more curved-edge swords. Sometimes his followers today actually represent him AS a sword, so synonymous has his name become with mastery of swordsmanship
History: First mentioned around 1A 900 as a longtime follower of Sekeriah and already a swordsman of such incredible skill that the matchless warrior of the First Generation sparred with him from time to time- always winning of course. It is clear therefore that he had already had much time to train and learn by then and might be one of the oldest of the Second Generation.

While traveling with Sekeriah he of course accomplished little himself, but interesting Sekeriah in fighting you more than once is obviously an awesome achievement in its own right. After Sekeriah’s death he apparently dedicated his life to spreading his churches and reverence for the great hero, and also to sword-making. As perhaps the most technically accomplished warrior in Fomorti he was uniquely qualified to design one of the best weapons ever made. Called ‘Ashkantirs’ after him, these curve-bladed swords are still in common use in the Frysolythian Empire and especially in Seforibar as well as more sporadically elsewhere.

Religion: Ashkantir has two cults in Feryngia, both fairly large, making him quite easily the most commonly venerated man of the Second Generation. The first and by far the most common are called the Myrmidons and they endeavor to spread and preserve such of his masterful sword techniques as normal humans can be fast enough and skillful enough in one lifetime to execute. Besides many of them being warriors- serving in whatever army or mercenary group will hire them- this broad group also includes smiths, artists, athletes, and quite a few devotees of Sekeriah as well.
The other is virtually non-existent outside of Seforibar where it is the official church. These are the infamous Slaves of the Sword whose teachings venerate Ashkantir to heretical extents and, worse, claim he is still around and will return someday when there is a warrior worthy of fighting him. The rulers of Seforibar, called the Dynasty of the Sword claim to be descendants of Ashkantir and are obeyed servilely by this locally large group.


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